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            Zhejiang Xianju Junye Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

            Address: No.1, Lingxiu Road, Yangfu Industry Agglomeration, Xianju County, Taizhou, Zhejiang Province, China   

            Domestic Sales

            South China: +86-576-87710578,+86-576-87821310
            North China: +86-576-87821322,+86-576-87821309

            International Sales

            Europe & America: +86-576-87710577
            South Asia & Emerging Market: +86-576-87821311

            Global Business Development Cooperation(GBDC):
            Contact person: Mr. Tiger  telephone: 0086-21-3175 5248 Email: tiger.zy@junyepharm.com;
            Office address:Room 137, 4 Floor, No.333, North Chengdu Road, “China Merchants Plaza”, jing’an district, shanghai (200041)

            P. C.: 317300
            HR: hr@junyepharm.com
            E-mail: junye@junyepharm.com
            URL: http://www.yourdogcollar.com   


            Contact us

            Sales Department: +86-576-87710577 +86-576-87821311

            Purchasing Department: +86-576-87750167
            HR: hr@junyepharm.com

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